The master of multi-tasting

The Accutron® MR3 has been designed for precisely dosed injection of contrast media and saline solution (NaCl) as well as the infusion of fluids.
It has an injection unit with three drive units which can be controlled independently of one another.

The third drive in the injection unit, known as the infusion pump, is used for the infusion of fluids. You can set only infusion phases or only injection phases as well as combined phases with injection and infusion steps in one profile.

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Technical details

Simple to fill

  • Automatic or manual feed with variable speed
  • Fill rate: 1 – 4 ml/s
  • Optimised tube systems with safety valves

Reliable workflow

  • The KVO function ensures that access to the vein is maintained throughout the scan
  • The injection can be halted at any time and restarted if needed
  • Pre-filled syringes can be used

Cordless and mobile

  • Powered by high-performance batteries
  • Input supply voltage for charger: 100 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Charger power consumption < 140 VA

Hygienic design

  • Robust, stable and light aluminium housing
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Total weight: 41 kg

Further information

Brochure Accutron MR/MR3