The diagnostic specialist

The Accutron® CT-D has been designed for precisely dosed injection of contrast media (CM) and saline solution (NaCl) in computer tomography.

It has an injection unit with two drive units which can be controlled independently of one another such that, depending on the application, the contrast media can be variably and precisely positioned in the investigation area with the help of NaCl.

The Accutron® CT-D is also designed for use in contrast-enhanced mammography.

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Technical details

Injection volume

max. 200 ml per head

Injection pressure

max. 21 bar

Injection profiles

80 editable profiles

Injection delay

0 to 255 s

Throughput rate

0.1 - 10 ml/s

Fill rate

1 - 5 ml/s

Keep-Vein-Open (KVO)

1 ml every 2 minutes


26 kg

Further information

Brochure Accutron CT/CT-D