Nonin 7500FO

Digital MR-Pulsoxymeter

Easy to use, reliable, economical

The Nonin Model 7500FO (fiber optic) Pulse Oximeter empowers clinicians with accurate oximetry information1 — helping them act quickly and confidently in the moments that matter.

The 7500FO is specifically designed for MR environments. Due to the 7500FO's fiber optic sensor and cable design, radio frequency burns and image artifacts are eliminated.

Lightweight, compact, and portable, the 7500FO is ideal for monitoring infant, pediatric, and adult patients in fixed-site or mobile MR facilities.

Technical details

Vital signs

SpO2 monitoring

MRI compatibility

200 Gauss and 3 Tesla


21.9 cm x 9.2 cm x 14.2 cm

Patient target groups

Adults, children, infants, neonates


Cable length 6 metres or 9 metres

Further information

Brochure Nonin 7500FO