Expression MR400

Intuitive and straightforward


The Expression MR400 allows you to optimally meet the needs of your patients, also in the face of developing care models.

Increase the potential of your MRI level monitor to the performance of a bedside monitor.

Technical details

Vital signs

Cordless ECG monitoring, cordless SpO2 monitoring, NIBP, CO2

MRI compatibility

4,000 Gauss, 4 w/kg SAR and 3 Tesla

Interface cable for

Philips, Siemens, GE, Hitachi and Toshiba


15" / colour LCD / 800 x 600 pixels


128 cm x 48 cm x 56 cm


47 kg

Method / delay

digital and analogue under 10 ms

Further information

Brochure Philips Expression MR400