Accutron HP

The mobile all-rounder

Endovascular instruments for interventional procedures have developed rapidly over the past two decades. They have become more streamlined, which has opened up new routes for super-selective interventions.

Catheters with a size of 4 French have been used for diagnostic purposes. Micro catheters with a size of 3 French these days provide even more support for minimally invasive treatments. The automatic release of contrast media by injector has developed further to meet the requirements of a very precise injection.

Technical details

Injection volume

max. 200 ml per head

Injection pressure

max. 83 bar

Injection profiles

120 editable profiles

Injection delay

0 to 255 s

Throuhput rate

0,1 - 30 ml/s

Fill rate

1-4 ml/s

Number of phases

1 to 3


41 kg

Further information

Brochure Accutron HP/HP-D