The MRI-compatible range for anaesthesia is being further expanded

New partnership with Löwenstein Medical

The Löwenstein Group consists of various subsidiaries in the medical sector based in Bad Ems, Germany. In addition to anaesthesia equipment, Löwenstein Medical distributes various products in neonatology, intensive care (mainly Hamilton ventilators) and sleep therapy. It is both a producer and a trading company.

The LEON MRI has been specially developed for use in the MRI environment with field strengths of up to 40 millitesla. Operation on 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla MRI systems is thus guaranteed.

With the "LEON MRI", Löwenstein has further developed the successful "LEON" model for the MR environment and adapted it to the specific requirements. As an example, with the help of an LED light that is visible from all sides, alarms and indications are displayed in different colours, according to priority, even outside the MR field, in a clearly recognisable way. The position to the MRI is monitored by an integrated magnetic field strength monitor.

This distribution agreement for the Leon MRI anaesthesia machine is another important milestone in our efforts to continuously expand our product range.